E-bike Xperience & Bike Motion Benelux

Wayfinding & Signage design

E-bike Xperience & Bike Motion Benelux is a huge expo in the Jaarbeurs (Utrecht) of different kinds of e-bikes and e-bike parts/accessories. This industry has attained a rapid growth over the last few years and is one of the fastest developing one. E-bike Xperience & Bike Motion Benelux is hosted to exhibit all the products and services of this industry under the same roof. For more information about the E-bike Xperience expo see www.jaarbeurs.nl


Wijkkrant ZUID

Wijkkrant Amsterdam Zuid

Design/layout of a local newspaper (monthly) called “Zuid”. Only distributed in the area of Amsterdam Zuid with a run of 56.000 copies. Do you want to know what´s happening in Amsterdam Zuid? This newspaper offers you all the local news facts (about arts, sports, politics, restaurants etc.).v

Event Branding

Faircom Media – Event Branding

Design of several Event Branding brochures for Faircom Media. Faircom is the exclusive branding partner for Dutch leading venues. Specialist in sales, planning, and execution of Media Exposure, Event Branding, Functional Signage and Brand Activation at convention centers, international congresses, trade fairs and events. Faircom has relations with all international event organizers. www.faircom.nl



Cristallo congelati

Ice cream packaging

Concept and design of  “Sandwich, helado sabor a nata” for Cristallo congelati. Fresh ice cream packaging for the German and Spanish market.

NCRV Rijdende Rechter

NCRV – Schiphol wall

Concept and design of the ” Rijdende Rechter” (The Travelling Judge – a TV program) Schiphol wall with a longitude of 80 meters. The NS train station is located directly below Schiphol Plaza where the wall is located on platform 1. The Travelling Judge solves small conflict situations between neighbors or family members on location.


Tortilla Española

Packaging design

Packaging design (white label product) for Nestrade Madrid. The Spanish tortilla is widely eaten in Spain and some Spanish-speaking countries. While there are numerous regional variations, the basic version is made only with eggs and potatoes, and possibly onion. The addition of the onion is often controversial and usually related to the tenderness of the local varieties of potatoes.


Vakantiebeurs Utrecht

Wayfinding/Directional signage

The 2017 edition of the Vakantiebeurs attracted 108,779 holiday lovers to the largest travel event in the Netherlands. Discover new places, learn about new cultures, try out new food and get away from our familiar surroundings. A visit to the Vakantiebeurs is the perfect preparation.


Viacom outdoor

A low budget commercial concept for Viacom Outdoor.

The different Street furniture objects of Viacom Outdoor are communicating with a man in the street. The objects are communicating messages like ” I love your jacket” –  ” You look better without glasses” – “Call me!” etc. He´s surprised. Is somebody watching me?

Goal: To show (potential advertisers) that it´s impossible to avoid Outdoor advertising. It´s everywhere.